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2017 Talent Acquisition Sentiment: Today’s Strategic Recruiting Priorities

Sourcing. Onboarding. Recruitment marketing. There is no shortage of options for a talent acquisition leader’s time, yet we all have to start somewhere. This research analyzes move than 400 votes from recruiting leaders to target the most compelling and high-priority areas of the talent acquisition field. Click here to learn more

Diversity Hiring Success: The Impact of Holistic Engagement

In Canada, diversity hiring is far more than a competitive advantage – it’s a critical business initiative. With the native workforce dwindling and immigrant populations growing, organizations big and small are learning that traditional recruiting efforts alone aren’t enough to find the talent they need. Learn More.

How High-Performing Companies Support Employee Performance

Performance. It’s the goal of every employer to have its workers performing at their highest capacity, yet many of the common approaches and systems may actually demotivate workers and prevent performance. This research analyzes not only how companies are approaching this practice, but specifically what high-performing firms do differently. Click here to learn more

Reactionary Recruiting: The Case for a New Model
Coming in January

For decades on end, talent acquisition has served an important function: find, recruit, and hire new talent. Performance measures and core competencies in this model were largely focused on efficiency measures, focused on answering one question: “How quickly can we find the talent needed without spending too much money?” Coming in January!