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Plot your course with a comprehensive view of the HCM space, including talent, HR, and learning.

Our industry research insights combine experience, practitioner and vendor feedback and a cumulative analysis of ongoing trends and competitive practices. When you need to make a decision about HR Technology and your organization, turn to our collection of white papers, on-demand webcasts and ebooks to get started. For regular updates, be sure to check out the Lighthouse blog for additional information.

2017 Talent Acquisition Sentiment: Today’s Strategic Recruiting Priorities

Sourcing. Onboarding. Recruitment marketing. There is no shortage of options for a talent acquisition leader’s time, yet we all have to start somewhere. This research analyzes move than 400 votes from recruiting leaders to target the most compelling and high-priority areas of the talent acquisition field. Click here to learn more

Radically Rethinking Learning Content Strategy

Anyone who believes that yesterday’s learning content can engage today’s modern learner is sorely mistaken. More than ever before, employers need to think about how to offer learning content that not only delivers value for the learner, but value for the business as well. Learn More.

How High-Performing Companies Support Employee Performance

Performance. It’s the goal of every employer to have its workers performing at their highest capacity, yet many of the common approaches and systems may actually demotivate workers and prevent performance. This research analyzes not only how companies are approaching this practice, but specifically what high-performing firms do differently. Click here to learn more

Critical Insights into Building Your Employee Experience

Despite frequent conversations and tons of content, many employers are still unsure about how to define the employee experience and what value it can bring. In this first piece in a series of collaborative projects with George LaRocque of HRWINS and Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research, we will explore this concept more deeply. Check out the eBook.