How We Support Employers

Most research is overly academic, stale, or irrelevant. Our research is aligned with your challenges, priorities, and needs from an organizational perspective.

In the last year our team surveyed more than 4,000 employers and 6,000 workers on issues surrounding the workplace from talent acquisition and employee experience to frontline worker challenges and organizational culture.

Plus, we've spoken with more than 200 different HR, talent, and learning technology providers about their technologies, differentiators, and product roadmaps.

In addition, our team has advised enterprise employers like Kimberly Clark, McDonald's, Sodexo, and others in areas such as:

  • Evidence-based research presentations to senior leadership
  • Internal strategy sessions with talent teams on modern features and the current HR technology landscape
  • Shortlist recommendations for HR, talent, and learning technology needs
  • And more

Want unbiased, helpful insights from our team to support your investments in talent strategy or technology? Contact us.

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