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Ben Eubanks

Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst

Lighthouse. A new kind of analyst firm supporting modern strategies in human capital management.

Engaging, acquiring, and managing talent requires a different approach to talent. Let us be your guiding light, and help you navigate the many paths to success.

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We value free thinking, timely execution, and quality work. Our analysts focus on quality research that doesn’t take six months to deliver. At Lighthouse, we provide value for our clients every day, not once a year.


We’ve come down from the Ivory Tower to focus on vetting research — from benchmark data to industry perspective — with in-the-trenches recruiting leaders and global talent executives alike.


We’re professionally curious, purveyors of the land. We value work that is relevant for our target audience in talent acquisition, but also meaningful to technology leaders and enterprise HR executives as well.

New Book, “Artificial Intelligence for HR,” helps HR Leaders Prepare for the Technology and Human Components of the Era of Automation

In an interview with Human Resource Executive, Ben shares some key insights on how AI is changing the landscape of HR Tech for employers around the globe.