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hr tech roundtable

Join Us October 22nd for the Next HR Tech Roundtable

This year has been, in the words of a good friend, a “dumpster fire.” So many things have gone wrong, yet…

October, 12, 2020
research innovation business value

What the Phenom Acquisition of My Ally Signifies for Automation in Recruiting

My Ally is a recruiting chatbot tool that schedules 20,000 interviews a month. Phenom offers a talent experience platform and serves…

September, 30, 2020
organizational agility and hr tech

Is There a Relationship Between HR Technology and Organizational Agility? [New Research]

In the last few months we’ve seen some incredible stories, both positive and negative, around the impact of HR technology on…

September, 17, 2020

How to Support Parents at Work: A Livestream Conversation

As the father of four kids ages 10 and under, the last few months of quarantine life have been interesting… And…

August, 25, 2020
hr tech awards

HR Tech Award Winners 2020 Announced

This has been a year unlike any other, but one thing that has been steadfast in the last few months is…

August, 14, 2020

What 10+ Studies Say About the COVID and Post-COVID Workplace

Over the last two months our team has been talking with different technology firms and business leaders about what’s happening and…

August, 10, 2020

How to Develop and Verify the Skills Your Workforce Needs [Video]

I have a vision of the workplace where HR knows as much about the skills of the workforce as finance does…

August, 3, 2020
hr tech roundtable

Engaging and Developing your Remote Workforce: Winning the Productivity Game [HR Tech Roundtable]

Recently I wrote about a new series of events we’re supporting called the HR Tech Roundtable. We have another coming up…

July, 23, 2020
hr tech roundtable

HR Tech Roundtable: A New Virtual Event for HR and Talent Executives

In the book Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi talks about the power of building powerful personal and professional networks: one person,…

May, 29, 2020

Job Posting Volume Down, Industry Impacts, and Recession Preparation: An RPO Perspective

One of the areas of focus for us at Lighthouse this year is recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO. This service component…

April, 14, 2020