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HR Tech Talks is a weekly livestream show featuring players large and small, new and established, and altogether impressive in how they tackle the core challenges and issues facing HR, talent, and learning professionals in today's workplace. The 30-minute show happens weekly on Mondays at 9a Pacific | Noon Eastern.

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Voice of the Employee and Why it Matters More than Ever: Featuring Waggl on HR Tech Talks

In the last few months, employers have spent more time listening to their employees than virtually ever before. But things are also changing and shifting faster than ever before. In today’s HR Tech Talks episode, Ben talks with Michael Papay of Waggl about how voice of the employee initiatives allow employers to listen, respond, and…

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Does Mindfulness Matter? A Conversation with Headspace on HR Tech Talks

In the last few years, mindfulness has been a recurring conversation at conferences and events. But what is it and how does it impact work? In today’s discussion, Ben talks with the team from Headspace to understand how this fits into the workplace conversation and why it matters more than you think.

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Rethinking the Job Ad: A Discussion with Cliquify on HR Tech Talks

Job ads look pretty much the same as they always have. In fact, moving to a more digital environment may have even increased their length, because there’s no cost to adding in twenty lines of requirements instead of just 2-3 key points. But is there really no cost? In this discussion with Amit Parmar of…

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Onboarding in a Remote World: How to Prioritize Employee Experience with Enboarder

Interestingly, in the last five years every employer that we’ve talked to about onboarding is interested in tweaking or changing their approach to lead to better outcomes. Today Ben talks with the team from Enboarder about how they enable better onboarding experiences for employees.

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Nudging Frontline Workers to Better Engagement: Featuring Nudge on HR Tech Talks

Frontline workers have gotten more press in 2020 than ever before, and their needs have been front and center. But do we really understand these workers and their unique needs? In this discussion with Nudge on HR Tech Talks, Ben digs into the nuances of communication and engagement with these critical workers.

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Resilience? There’s an App for that: Featuring meQuilibrium on HR Tech Talks

If there’s one word we want to describe the workforce that has been put through the toughest challenges of a pandemic, it’s resilience. While the term can seem soft and intangible, the reality is that there are tools that can measure this important trait. In this discussion with meQuilibrium on HR Tech Talks, Ben digs…

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Enabling Human Productivity with AI and Machine Learning with UKG on HR Tech Talks

We keep hearing about artificial intelligence and machine learning taking over the work that we do, but is that really the case? In this session with Suhail Halai, Ben digs into how these tools can really support the critical tasks that HR needs to get done, freeing human resources leaders up to do the things…

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Leveraging Skills as a Hiring Tool: Presenting Eightfold on HR Tech Talks

Look at a resume, guess at someone’s abilities, and put them in a pile. That’s how recruiters have always looked at resumes and hiring. But AI allows us to better understand the skills people have, how they relate, and how they compare with other candidates. In this episode of HR Tech Talks, Ben will chat…

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HR’s Hard Reset: Featuring Schoox on HR Tech Talks

In the aftermath of 2020, HR needs to be ready for a hard reset. In this episode of HR Tech Talks, Matthew Brown from Schoox will bring some ideas and insights for today’s talent and business leaders to approach the new year in intentional, purposeful ways. We will talk about how Schoox is supporting its…

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Virtual Recruiting (What Works and What Doesn’t): Featuring Yello on HR Tech Talks

2020 has been a roller coaster for most firms and for the economy as a whole. Unemployment swelled to 20 million people and has already fallen to 12 million, which means recruiting teams have been incredibly busy. We’ll learn what virtual recruiting looks like, how it’s working, and what practices to avoid as we enter…

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Automating and Personalizing Hiring: Featuring Phenom on HR Tech Talks

The world of hiring is very different from what it was a year ago. Yet one thing remains constant: it’s about connecting people with opportunities that fit them in a personalized, easy to use manner. Phenom has been doing this for years, and in this discussion Ben talks with Phenom’s leadership to see how they…

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