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we're only human podcast tileHR is a challenging field. It's easy to forget that in spite of the tools, technology, and resources at our disposal, at the end of the day we're only human. How can we tailor our approach so that we take into account the diverse needs of individuals while still moving forward as an organization in a highly competitive landscape?

We're Only Human is a podcast focused on the intersection of people and technology in the workplace. We talk with practitioners, vendors, consultants--a wide spectrum of voices to help us all learn and improve our practices. Topics can range from talent acquisition trends to improving performance management practices, new research on engagement, or even case studies of successful organizations with leading practices in HR, talent, or learning.

Our Audience

The show reaches thousands of HR professionals and consistently receives positive reviews (5.0 rating on Apple Podcasts). Our most recent demographic survey put our audience at 45% HR Manager/Director and above, 46% HR Generalist/Individual Contributor, and the remainder as students/entry level.

We're Only Human was started in 2016 by Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, as a way to explore pertinent topics, technologies, and innovations in the human capital management space. We typically publish one episode a week.

For more information about the show, to submit a potential guest, or to inquire about sponsor/advertising opportunities, please contact us.

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Personalization and Wellness: How AI Supports Wellbeing at Scale

By Ben Eubanks | August 2, 2021

“You need to have a competitive pay and benefits offering. When you go to do that, the employer ends up paying for a lot of things that go unused just because there’s too much to communicate. What’s just amazing about the time and space we’re in now is you can really use personalization to surface…

Connecting Healthcare Operations and Recruiting at Mercy on We’re Only Human

By Ben Eubanks | March 9, 2021

 “It’s about understanding that workforce isn’t a recruiting job. It isn’t a leadership job. It’s everybody’s job. If you have needs in the workforce, you must communicate them. And the vehicle to do that is our recruiting team.” Betty Jo Rocchio, Chief Nursing Officer, Mercy We’re Only Human — Episode 109 One of the…

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Engaging A Field-Based Workforce – Lessons From Nussbaum Transportation On We’re Only Human

By David Jordan | February 25, 2021

“You can reconcile accounting, but you can’t always reconcile people.” Jeremy Stickling, Chief Administrative Officer at Nussbaum Transportation We’re Only Human — Episode 104 Turnover in some trucking and transportation companies runs nearly 100% a year, meaning they turn over virtually every employee over a 12 month period. But at Nussbaum, the turnover runs under…

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HR Analyst Day *Podcast Takeover* Featuring Engagedly On We’re Only Human

By David Jordan | February 25, 2021

“Be gentle with yourself. I think we can all afford a little compassion and we’re often able to give that to others easier than we’re able to give it to ourselves. Give yourself time for introspection to understand what truly motivates you and let that be your first step.” Kristin Richter, Engagedly We’re Only Human…

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What Is The Extended Workforce? Insights From Utmost On We’re Only Human

By David Jordan | February 24, 2021

“The way work is getting done is increasingly flexible and it gives the worker the power of choice. That choice serves both the worker and the end enterprise.”  Dan Beck, COO of Utmost We’re Only Human — Episode 106 Quick, your business needs to fill a talent gap you have, but you don’t want to…

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3 Keys to Creating and Becoming a Best Place to Work: Angie Redmon on We’re Only Human

By Ben Eubanks | February 19, 2021

“What different actions can we take going forward? So whether it was an implementation to our benefits plan or whether it was rolling out a new piece to our onboarding process, let’s do an analysis at the end… Is there anything that could’ve made this better? Just one little thing that we could tweak so that we can learn from this.” Angie Redmon, striveHR

We’re Only Human — Episode 107

Today there’s no shortage of employer award programs. Every magazine, business publication, website, and trade association has a version of these programs, and they all look at different elements of how employers support their people. In today’s conversation, Ben talks with Angie Redmon of striveHR about how she works with employers to help them win these awards. As you’ll hear in the discussion, this is about more than “teaching to the test.” It’s about fundamentally changing how you care for and support your people, and the journey towards that end goal is perhaps more important than the end goal itself. In the conversation you’ll learn the three critical components that lead to a winning strategy over time.

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3 Simple Secrets to Better Employee Experience: A PayPal Case Study

By Ben Eubanks | February 1, 2021

In the last couple of years, “employee experience” has become this ubiquitous term that is a catch all for pretty much everything related to employees in the workplace. But I love getting more specific and concrete, because vague terms and theory don’t lead to better results and impact. Recently I had a chance to talk…

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Empowering Your Internal Experts for Better Learning Outcomes on We’re Only Human

By Ben Eubanks | January 22, 2021

I really do believe this is a moment for learning and training that could see a transformation that benefits learners. Simon Greany, Elucidat We’re Only Human — Episode 103 How many times have we in HR and learning been forced to create content in subjects we knew little to nothing about? In today’s episode, Ben…

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Measuring Productivity in the Modern Workplace: Prodoscore on We’re Only Human

By Ben Eubanks | January 15, 2021

“We can’t forget about being human.” Tom Moran, Chief Strategy Officer, Prodoscore We’re Only Human — Episode 102 When workers gathered to work on assembly lines, productivity was easy: you counted the widgets produced per hour. In the modern workplace, it’s a much harder proposition. How do you know when knowledge workers are really accomplishing…

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We’re Only Human 76: What A Study Of 1,000 SMB Companies Tells Us About HR

By David Jordan | January 7, 2021

“HR is representing the people at your organization that deliver the results of whatever mission you have… There is no greater voice for the people than HR.” We hear so much about large employers and enterprise firms in the news. These organizations are a key part of the global economy, but did you know that…