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    HCM & Recruiting Trends

Fractured, Fragmented, and Fragile: Building Your Technology Stack

An interesting conversation with a friend working in a key HR role for a 20,000-plus employee firm recently has had me…

October, 11, 2016

Disruption Comes to the Analyst Community #InfluenceHR

This morning I had the pleasure of joining my HR Federation friends onstage at InfluenceHR to talk about how disruption is…

October, 3, 2016

Trending: Vendors Drinking Their Own Champagne

I’ve talked to several technology companies in the last few weeks that are drinking their own champagne, and it’s one of the…

September, 26, 2016
disrupting HR

Disruption–The Biggest Concern for CHROs and Talent Leaders

CHROs, like other CxOs, recognize that the barriers between previously separate industries are collapsing, as companies in one sector apply their…

September, 12, 2016

Killing the Traditional Performance Management Approach

In the last few years, there have been tons of stories about how companies are ditching performance management as it has…

August, 29, 2016

Predictive HR Analytics (In Plain English)

If this topic is one that you’d love to dive into in more detail on, you should definitely check out the…

August, 22, 2016

How to Use Recruiting Funnel Metrics for Talent Forecasting

You’ve heard me talk about some of the trends in recruiting measurement recently, and today we’re going to continue the conversation….

August, 15, 2016
candidate quality

Recruiting Effectiveness: Quality vs Quality of Candidates

While interviewing a talent acquisition leader for an upcoming podcast, I realized that part of our conversation was a direct tie-in…

August, 8, 2016

Using Source of Hire Data to Validate Talent Acquisition Efforts

What if you had a way to not only see what sources your candidates were coming from, but which ones delivered…

August, 4, 2016

3 Trends Impacting Talent Acquisition Measurement

Note: I have an upcoming report detailing these issues in more detail and would love to send it to you. Just…

July, 29, 2016