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Recruitment Marketing & Talent Analytics: The Future of Talent Acquisition

Important things are happening in talent acquisition as we begin 2016, for sure: More companies see the competitive edge gained by…

February, 3, 2016

Enough with the Big Data BS

If I have to sit through another bullshit presentation, session, or webinar on “Big Data” and its supposed implications for HR, I’m going to lose it. And I don’t mean making passive aggressive comments on the Twitter stream – I really mean I’ll have to stand up and say something, starting with, “You really have no idea what you’re talking about.”

January, 28, 2016

Legacy HCM Systems Beware: The Talent Acquisition Platform Cometh

Is there a single system in the world of HCM that’s more widely hated than the applicant tracking system? According to…

November, 10, 2015