Employee belonging, burnout/stress, and DEI are all tied together, and they all intersect learning as well.

In our brand new research on learning and talent development, we looked at some of the key areas where employee demand is shifting and evolving. In many cases, workers aren’t just asking to be trained to upskill in their jobs anymore. With the talent shortage in place for many frontline roles, rising mental health challenges including stress and burnout, and a need for inclusive employer practices that support the needs of a diverse workforce, companies have to think more comprehensively when it comes to their training approach.

For instance, consider these statistics from the study:

  • 98% of employers say that training has implications on employee wellbeing
  • Women are more likely than men to say they don’t have mentors at work and don’t feel comfortable talking with their boss about career options
  • Employees with a high belonging score are 7.5x more likely to feel like their employer is open and transparent with them

While each of these can seem like a separate track or siloed conversation, the truth is that they’re tied together in various ways, as the infographic below indicates.

Click here for the downloadable version of the graphic.

Interested in more data from this study? We’ll be posting additional infographics in the coming weeks as we look at what 2023 will bring for the learning function and the training-hungry workforce as well.