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About the Company

Talroo is helping organizations like Uber, McDonald’s, UPS, The Home Depot, Target and more, find and hire their essential workforces. Our data-driven job and hiring event recruiting platform turns the Internet into a help wanted sign. With a pay-for-performance model, we enable customers to maximize efficiency and their budget to hire employees faster than they could with any of our competitors.

Rather than drive customers to a destination site, Talroo uses a consumer marketing approach to deliver

job opportunities to candidates where they are already spending time online. Similar to what Google AdSense and Facebook Ad Networks do for their advertisers, Talroo uncovers the right candidates that companies are looking to hire.

Talroo leverages a search-and-match algorithm powered by state-of-the-art AI technologies. Our deep-learning processes analyze billions of signals daily, assessing the job seeker-employer relationship in real time. This produces significantly better search results for the job seekers and higher quality applicant matches for the employer.

Finding the right people is difficult, but with Talroo, it doesn’t have to be.

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