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building the employee experience

Delivering a High-Quality Employee Experience (#SHRM16)

As I traveled home from the SHRM 2016 Annual Conference last week, I reflected back on the many conversations I had with…

June, 27, 2016
skills based hiring

Building a Skills-Based Organization

I’ve had numerous conversations in the past week about skills in the workplace and their impact on how work gets done…

June, 17, 2016
candidate experience metrics

How to Measure Candidate Experience Metrics

Candidate experience matters. Despite companies saying it is increasingly difficult to find and hire quality candidates, many of them are not measuring…

June, 13, 2016

Recruitment Marketing & Talent Analytics: The Future of Talent Acquisition

Important things are happening in talent acquisition as we begin 2016, for sure: More companies see the competitive edge gained by…

February, 3, 2016

Enough with the Big Data BS

If I have to sit through another bullshit presentation, session, or webinar on “Big Data” and its supposed implications for HR, I’m going to lose it. And I don’t mean making passive aggressive comments on the Twitter stream – I really mean I’ll have to stand up and say something, starting with, “You really have no idea what you’re talking about.”

January, 28, 2016

Legacy HCM Systems Beware: The Talent Acquisition Platform Cometh

Is there a single system in the world of HCM that’s more widely hated than the applicant tracking system? According to…

November, 10, 2015