For talent acquisition leaders, it sometimes feels as if there is a set of opposing forces fighting for control over hiring processes:

  • We need a strong, supportive candidate experience
  • We need to provide fair consideration and minimize bias
  • We need to pick the candidate who can best perform the job…

All that seems like a tough mission, frankly! But when you realize that there’s a single practice that actually taps into all three of those items, the whole thing suddenly becomes dramatically simpler. I’m talking, of course, of structured interviews.

Download the full report: Fast, Fair, and Functional: A New Look at Structured Interviews

We worked with the team at Criteria on this study because they have a strong commitment to creating fair, relevant, and useful interviews and screening experiences for employers. And the results from this research on more than 500 different employers and 500 candidates were incredibly telling. Some of what we think we know about structured interviews and screening is just plain wrong, and the employers consistently using these within their hiring practices see some clear and positive results that other firms do not.

  • 2 in 3 employers say that structured interviews lead to better hiring decisions overall.
  • 4 out of 5 employers believe structured interviews have a neutral or positive impact on candidate experience.
  • 86% of talent leaders believe that structured interviews help reduce bias.
  • 7 in 10 candidates prefer a set of structured questions that don’t change from candidate to candidate.

Check out the report for the full set of findings, insights, and recommendations. Or if you prefer, you can also check out the webinar discussing highlights of the research and key findings.