Every other year our team takes a deep dive into the world of compensation. We look at all of the top technology providers. We gather data from a wide variety of employers to understand how they are using data and technology to support comp practices. And we ultimately write the industry’s most in-depth research report on everything we find.

This year’s report is linked below, and the 100+ pages include:

  • Research insights from 1,062 different employers
  • Highlights from the firms with better revenue and market performance
  • Dozens of pages of technology reviews and screenshots from today’s hottest comp technologies

Check out the full report here

The landscape portion of the report includes profiles on the following compensation management technology providers:

  • CompTool
  • OpenComp
  • Pave
  • Payscale
  • Pequity
  • Salary.com
  • Syndio
  • Trusaic
  • Willis Towers Watson

Unlike some other firms, we don’t charge for our research because we believe that the value this content represents should be in the hands of every single organization that desires it. That said, we work with employers that want to understand how the technology market is changing, what the research says about their particular industry or company size, and in various other advisory capacities as needed.

This report is used by VC leaders to determine how to invest into the compensation management technology market.

This report is used by business and talent leaders to decide which solutions to consider and purchase.

But perhaps best of all, this report is used to make sure that how we compensate our people is fair, market-driven, and equitable. 

This kind of information is needed now more than ever. In the words of Bryan Briscoe, VP of Global Compensation at Marriott International:

The joke is the pilot gets in the plane, read their checklist, and take off. They push the autopilot button and wait for the plane to land itself. But when something goes wrong, suddenly the pilot has to take control. Everyone’s life is in that pilot’s hands. I think autopilot turned off for compensation professionals 18 months ago.

Check out the full report here