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About the Company

SmartRank is a Non-Traditional Productivity-ATS that completely automates the job applicant screening process, stack-ranks and filters those applicants, and gives hiring managers exactly what they’re looking for without using/needing a résumé. This saves time, increases hiring quality, and reduces both hiring manager frustration and recruiter workload.

SmartRank was originally founded in April of 2020 and is based in Broomfield, Colorado. The company currently has 8 employees with a 100% remote workforce.

SmartRank is primarily focused on working with mid-market companies and recruiting/staffing agencies, but fully intends to serve the large enterprise market in the coming years.

SmartRank officially launched its go-to-market strategy in late summer 2022 when they converted all their beta clients to paid clients. Since then, they have continued to bring on new customers in various industries each month.

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