“You can reconcile accounting, but you can’t always reconcile people.”

Jeremy Stickling, Chief Administrative Officer at Nussbaum Transportation

We’re Only Human — Episode 104

Turnover in some trucking and transportation companies runs nearly 100% a year, meaning they turn over virtually every employee over a 12 month period. But at Nussbaum, the turnover runs under 30% a year. What’s the secret, and how can other employers with a field-based or remote workforce apply those principles to create better employment outcomes for their people? In this episode, Ben talks with Jeremy Stickling, Chief Administrative Officer at Nussbaum Transportation, about how the company has cracked this code. It’s a great case study on caring for people and delivering a great experience, regardless of where employees are based.

Learn more about Nussbaum’s purpose-driven culture: https://www.nussbaum.com/purposedriven/

Connect with Jeremy: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremy-stickling-71a5b112/

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