Hiring isn’t just about talent, jobs, and skills. It’s about finding the right person to solve a business need. And when enough of those jobs are difficult to fill or not filled at all, this conversation begins to rise to the highest levels of leadership. In our brand new hiring study, we found that eight in 10 talent leaders agree that hiring is a business-level challenge, not just a talent or HR discussion.

In the infographic below, we’re teasing a few of the findings from this new research. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing infographics and data points depicting how hiring is changing, what candidates expect, and more. All of this is leading up to the release of our major report which includes findings from 1,000 global candidates and more than 1,000 employers of all sizes and industries.

If you agree that hiring is a challenge, don’t hesitate to share this graphic with your peers and colleagues in the space. This isn’t just about research–it’s about helping to illuminate a path forward using real data and practical insights. Plus, don’t miss our companion piece to this that explores the things that candidates want from employers today!

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hiring as a business challenge