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Problems The Technology Solves

40-60% of known candidates for open jobs already exist in internal talent pools for companies with significant hiring needs. Yet, in the war for talent, recruiters often find that they have to invest in more tools and solutions to see more candidates to find the right talent. These investments add complexity and workload and often results in the organization being no more competitive in hiring talent than its competitors. HiringSolved fixes this problem through a Talent Intelligence Solution. Talent Intelligence offers recruiters the tools to understand how requirements in job descriptions affect the size of the candidate pool that qualifies for the job, and the ability to find the right talent through candidate resumes. Many recruiting tools offer limited abilities to find candidates, allowing recruiters to search by the latest job title. Job titles often come in different forms and don’t convey the level of expertise or skill that a person has. Assessing candidates forces recruiters to use bias-prone techniques, including questionnaires, arbitrary distance limits, and data management tactics, to filter talent pipelines.

HiringSolved, in real-time, can:

● Unify talent repositories through an integration across all of your talent repositories to give you one view of your talent inventory.

● Unlock the power of hard-won internal data by searching through every single data point with one system.

● Save time by aligning hiring manager expectations to job description realities by analyzing job descriptions for essential skills and automatically matching existing candidates (including diversity candidates). Additionally, gain insight into market workforce and competition for like resources data to drive better recruiting strategies.

● Increase efficiency and productivity by reviewing, qualifying, and scoring all job applicants immediately.

● Decrease unconscious bias by instantaneously contextualizing candidate experience against job requirements.

● Streamline hiring processes by being an all-in-one user interface where recruiters can do everything from sourcing a candidate to qualifying them to candidate outreach.

● Build data-driven sourcing strategies by using historical insights from previous successes to help manage the right talent pools.

Talent Intelligence offers recruiters an incredible advantage to save time and think more strategically about the hiring process. They empower teams to repurpose the time-savings created with their automation to be strategic by connecting market data with internal, historical numbers. Strategic recruiting means that recruiters can now meet with hiring managers armed with talent intelligence—who have they hired historically? What skills fit the needs of the role they are discussing? By making internal, historical data accessible and pulling in market data for candidates and US jobs, organizations now have the insights they need to make strategic decisions. These decisions reduce time-to-fill, improve culture fit, and improve retention. With HiringSolved, AECOM sped up its ability to get to the candidate 300%, surfacing more candidates through HiringSolved’s deep searching and matching of job experiences, including the discovery of a diversity candidate, and reducing its false-positive rates of unqualified candidates. Lowe’s found over 750K candidates from its internal data and hired over 70K candidates within 90 days.

Click here to download the full case study.