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    HCM & Recruiting Trends

Predictive HR Analytics (In Plain English)

If this topic is one that you’d love to dive into in more detail on, you should definitely check out the…

August, 22, 2016

How to Use Recruiting Funnel Metrics for Talent Forecasting

You’ve heard me talk about some of the trends in recruiting measurement recently, and today we’re going to continue the conversation….

August, 15, 2016
candidate quality

Recruiting Effectiveness: Quality vs Quality of Candidates

While interviewing a talent acquisition leader for an upcoming podcast, I realized that part of our conversation was a direct tie-in…

August, 8, 2016

Using Source of Hire Data to Validate Talent Acquisition Efforts

What if you had a way to not only see what sources your candidates were coming from, but which ones delivered…

August, 4, 2016

3 Trends Impacting Talent Acquisition Measurement

Note: I have an upcoming report detailing these issues in more detail and would love to send it to you. Just…

July, 29, 2016
building a business case for technology

Building a Business Case for HCM Technology

Talent leaders that are attempting to select, purchase, and implement HCM technology are often challenged by a lack of experience with the…

July, 20, 2016

#Inforum2016: Data, Machine Learning, and IoT

This week I’m honored to be a guest at the Inforum 2016 event in NYC. The Infor team has put together…

July, 11, 2016

Defining Talent Acquisition Measurement Priorities and KPIs

In our recent Modern Measures of Talent Acquisition study, we asked talent leaders what their most critical priorities are when it…

July, 5, 2016
building the employee experience

Delivering a High-Quality Employee Experience (#SHRM16)

As I traveled home from the SHRM 2016 Annual Conference last week, I reflected back on the many conversations I had with…

June, 27, 2016
skills based hiring

Building a Skills-Based Organization

I’ve had numerous conversations in the past week about skills in the workplace and their impact on how work gets done…

June, 17, 2016