Increasingly, our research is showing that pay equity and pay transparency are critically linked. In other words, employers that score highly in one will typically score highly in the other, and vice versa. That’s because as the market has shifted in recent years, we’ve seen a clear connection between transparency and openness on compensation and the willingness for an organization to address any pay equity gaps or challenges that may exist.

The research infographic below (downloadable format here) shows just how these data points come together. For instance:

  • Employers using salary survey data for pricing their jobs are nearly 3x more likely to score highly on pay equity.
  • Organizations with finance, legal, or other functions in charge of pay equity are likely to have a lower pay equity score overall.
  • High transparency organizations are 3.5x more likely to be sharing pay data both internally¬†and externally, not just one or the other.

To see the full findings from this research, check out our Compensation Data and Technology Buyer’s Guide and Landscape Report.