global talent acquisition research study

Earlier this summer we published a graphic detailing some of the top priorities for talent acquisition leaders this year. We received so much positive feedback on the data that we broke it out into a special eBook to explore each of the top priorities in greater detail. The link to the free PDF is below. Here’s a snippet of the content to whet your appetite…

Global Talent Acquisition Priorities, Ranked

Hiring. It’s arguably one of the most valuable practices a business runs, so one would expect that the process would be clear-cut and well-defined. However, nearly half of companies say improving their recruiting function and processes are their top priority. They understand that the world of talent acquisition is changing and business as usual just will not cut it.

With that statistic in mind, Lighthouse Research developed the 2017 Global Talent Acquisition Sentiment Study, which asks the question:

“What are the Biggest Talent Acquisition Priorities for 2017?”

And you gave us answers. With more than 400 responses from 18 different countries, the Global Talent Acquisition Sentiment Study shines a light on key areas that will likely drive decision-making in the coming year. The data shows that there are five top talent acquisition priorities among survey participants:


This is an exciting new study for us at Lighthouse Research, because there are so many shifts in talent acquisition strategy, technology, and innovation today. We hope you enjoy the report and learn something valuable that can support your business through smarter, more engaging recruiting practices.

Click here to download the 2017 Global Talent Acquisition Sentiment Study Report