Imagine graduating from school with a degree in marketing only to find out that a significant portion of what you know is already outdated or inapplicable due to changes in the market. This is a reality of the working world today due to an increasingly fast-paced business environment, where disruption is the norm rather than the exception.

However, there is good news: certifications offer a mechanism for formalizing knowledge and competencies around a specific topic area without requiring the time and financial investment of a degree. For example, Hubspot has supported the broader marketing profession by offering certifications to help marketers remain relevant and valuable.

That same pace of change applies to recruiting – what worked for recruiting 15 years ago (or to be honest, even five years ago) doesn’t translate well to what works today, especially for enterprise firms. Competition for talent is fiercer than ever, and the tools and technologies that have emerged in the wake of new expectations and strategies are countless.

With all this change, it begs an important question: why has it taken so long for certifications around emerging disciplines, like recruitment marketing, to bubble up in talent acquisition?

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