This year has been, in the words of a good friend, a “dumpster fire.” So many things have gone wrong, yet the changing environment has led to some new developments, opportunities to connect, and different approaches to traditional events. Those changes are a silver lining in this bigger shift we’re seeing this year.

hr tech roundtableOne of those changes, which I’ve highlighted here a few times over the last few months, has been the innovative HR Tech Roundtable series of events that we’ve been supporting with our friends at HR Tech Connect.

  • In June, we covered talent, HR, and employee experience
  • In August, we tackled remote productivity, learning, and talent engagement
  • On October 22nd, we’re going to dive into talent acquisition in a big way

If you think about hiring talent, work on hiring talent, or care about hiring talent, this is the session for you to not only learn, but ask your own questions and engage with others.

If you don’t want just another passive session and want to share your own thoughts, questions, and ideas, then this is the event for you.

What to Expect at the HR Tech Roundtable

This event is entirely free and it all happens in less than 90 minutes, so you don’t even have to take the day off work to get the benefits of this engaging format. Here’s what to expect:

  • Opening fireside chat with the VP of Global Talent Acquisition from Intuitive
  • Four powerful case studies to select from (choose your own adventure style!), covering everything from managing contingent talent to streamlining interviewing to rethinking the talent experience and more
  • Follow up conversation on the case studies to share ideas and insights
  • Closing interactive roundtable format for the audience to share their own questions and learning moments with peers

I’ve heard so many amazing comments from those that have participated in the other events we’ve worked on this year. The speakers love interacting with the audience, I enjoy learning from others, and the audience members appreciate being active participants, not just passive observers. I can’t wait to make some new connections and learn from the speakers at this event. I hope you’ll join me!