Employees need development and growth. It’s a constant driver of engagement, and in many studies, skill growth shows up in the top slot for predicting someone’s retention with their company. In our own reskilling research, we’ve found that seven out of 10 employees have left a job because of a lack of development options, yet 95% of them would have stayed if they had seen some sort of tangible skill growth ahead.

Not only that, but this year we’ve heard from dozens of employers that are trying to rapidly shift their longstanding physical, instructor-led training to virtual asynchronous training. It’s not as easy as filming an instructor and putting that on the internet–not if you want real learning to occur, anyway.

learning interrupted challengesOn November 17th, I’ll be joining Sue Krause from EdAssist on a webinar to talk about how workforce learning is changing and what employers need to know for the coming year. Sue is incredible and talented, and I am honored to share the virtual stage with her.

You can register here. We’ll explore how learning is now seen as a powerful employee benefit, especially for companies with a remote workforce. We’ll also talk about culture priorities like equity and how learning fits in, as illustrated below.

4 Critical Trends in Learning for 2021 and Beyond 

  1. Learning | Interrupted: shifts in learning that have taken place in 2020 that will be relevant in 2021 and beyond, helping employers to understand which ones matter and which ones are a flash in the pan.
  2. Future Skills: a critical look at a variety of research to distill down and highlight the skills that will matter most in the next 12-24 months.
  3. Education Benefits as an Equalizer: in a world that is (thankfully!) more concerned with equity than ever before, we will bring in some data on how formal education benefits can be an equalizer women and people of color in the workplace.
  4. The New Shape of Workforce Education: for a long time employers have thought that training either needs to happen in person or it can happen more formally in a classroom. The truth is that we have more flexible options at our disposal, including internal mobility, bootcamps and flexible certificate programs, and other choices that can enable learning at a deeper and more personalized level than ever before.

I hope you can join us!