Talent mobility can help your company tap into the trillions in GDP growth coming in the next 25 years.

That’s a big claim, but the connection is real. Research shows that as the world’s population grows and consumer demand grows along with it, the global GDP will increase to approximately three times its current size. This means greater demand for workers and performance, and the best way to get value from the workforce is to engage them in their work. We already know that. So what’s the real heart of engagement based on a wide variety of studies?

Career development and mobility.

In fact, our research shows that two out of three employees have left a job at some point in their career because of a lack of growth opportunities. In a normal environment, that’s unsustainable from a business perspective. Today, it’s unfathomable.

Our team worked with SHL to publish a new report looking at this phenomenon and how talent leaders can adopt a more holistic mindset around talent mobility, diving deep into what makes someone qualified for a role. No longer do we need to promote people solely based on their tenure–we can look at their capabilities in a more specific and nuanced manner.

Check out the report here.