The first study our team ever began to do year over year was focused on talent acquisition. We gathered data from employers on their biggest priorities and challenges in order to help talent leaders to make better decisions. This year, our 2024 Talent Acquisition Trends study covers more than 1,200 employers and 1,000 candidates from around the world, and as usual, it delves into some of the biggest issues and areas of opportunity for today’s talent and HR leaders.

On April 3rd, we’ll be sharing some of our top findings during a free livestream event.

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A Sampling of Research Findings

  • 75% of candidates would be willing to give feedback on their experiences (but only 27% have ever been asked)
  • The #1 way candidates would feel better about getting rejected: a clear reason for why they weren’t selected
  • The majority of employers say they aren’t very good at predicting hiring volume year to year, which makes talent acquisition more reactive.
  • Knowing the starting salary for a role is the #1 job seeker preference overall, but it varies by country (in Asia, the #1 preference is a commitment to career growth/advancement).
  • Only 3 in 10 employers say they have no trouble maintaining accurate and consistent recruiting data across different systems (meaning the bulk of companies do!)
  • The #1 hiring metric for demonstrating recruiting value back to the business: quality of hire.

Joining us on April 3rd gives you the first preview of what findings are coming from this industry-leading study. In addition to research insights, we have additional practical content from the following speakers:

  • Jeremy Bushaw, VP Global Talent Acquisition, Informatica
  • Maria Monaco, Senior Chief of Talent Acquisition, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
  • Sarah Reynolds, CMO, HiBob
  • Sarah Faupel, Department Manager for IT Talent Acquisition & Contingent Workforce Programs, Enterprise Mobility
  • Raj Mukherjee, GM, Indeed

Our partners, Indeed,, and HiBob, are supporting the event because their collective goal is to create better candidate and employer connections and more valuable hiring outcomes for organizations around the world.

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