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Problems The Technology Solves

Candidate Experience

Phenom solves candidate pain points by equipping employers with the tools they need to deliver hyper-personalized experiences to job seekers, including an AI-powered career site that helps talent find the right fit faster with:

  • Intelligent search: A candidate’s ability to find the right job depends on the career site’s ability to deliver accurate, relevant job results based on candidate data, such as location, browsing history, viewed jobs, and profile creation. This type of search functionality seeks to understand language the same way a human would.
  • Conversational chatbot: This technology relies on AI and machine learning to provide talent with accurate and relevant job recommendations. It uses natural language processing to ensure it comprehends candidates’ intent and serves accurate answers.
  • Event management/university recruitment technology: they support both on-site and virtual recruiting events. Recruiters can now integrate Phenom seamlessly with 1-to-many video tools to connect with candidates virtually.
  • Content management system (CMS): This technology gives candidates an exemplary experience while showcasing a company’s employer brand with engaging employee-driven content.

Recruiter Experience

Phenom helps recruiters do more with less using sophisticated technology that automates routine tasks so they can focus on the moments that matter.

  • CRM: Recruiters can utilize this AI-powered tool to manage their talent pipeline like never before. AI analyzes data from present and past candidates to quickly deliver best-it talent, while automating more routine tasks so recruiters can focus on relationship building.
  • Automated email campaigns/ SMS communication: Candidates can be easily reached in the channels where they engage most frequently, making it easy to generate applications and accelerate the process while providing a positive experience.
  • Conversational scheduling: Automated scheduling powered by AI ensures interviews are scheduled quickly, without the manual back-and-forth between candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Employee Experience

Phenom empowers employees to own their careers within an organization, boosting retention, reducing hiring costs, and expanding talent pools through resources like:

  • Internal Talent Marketplace: Employees gain more visibility into opportunities at their organization through an intelligent employee portal that recommends next-step positions based on their profiles.
  • Gigs: Managers are empowered to create short-term projects for internal employees to complete as they pursue professional development and upskilling opportunities.
  • Career Pathing: Employees are able to chart the recommended skills they need to capitalize on career opportunities and make referrals with a tool that presents perfect-fit candidates from their networks.

Management Experience

Phenom helps leadership make better hiring decisions to strengthen overall productivity and profitability.

  • Talent analytics: Managers can analyze real-time data easily in interactive dashboards, track where potential candidates are in the hiring pipeline, identify bottlenecks, and evaluate ROI and business impact.
  • Forecasting: Managers can compare historical data across teams, enterprise, and industries to project where their needs will be over time to fill gaps and support initiatives like increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Succession planning: With AI-powered employee insights, managers can gauge leadership potential from the start of the talent journey to ease transitions, reduce costs, and maintain employee engagement.

Read the full case study