Each year brings new opportunities and priorities for HR and talent leaders. This year we began the inaugural Global Talent Acquisition Sentiment Study. With more than 400 votes, we at Lighthouse are excited about breaking down the data and showing what talent acquisition priorities matter most to businesses today.

The infographic below is the first peek at some of the priorities (both high and low) that are going to drive decision-making in the coming year. Three interesting elements of note:

  1. Surprisingly enough, some of the concepts that are discussed most often in the marketplace like employer review sites and artificial intelligence placed at the bottom end of the priority list of more than a dozen options.
  2. The top item in the list is more holistic, not related to a specific practice. More than half of companies say that they are planning to enhance or improve their existing recruiting function, process, and approach in the coming year. In addition, a third of companies are planning to prioritize alignment between recruiting and business objectives, enabling strategic impact.
  3. Finally, we included some of the trends that are impacting the workforce to help offer some color and context to the data, including aspects of personalization, workforce readiness, talent competition, and more.

Lighthouse 2017 TA Sentiment Study Graphic