When situations change and people can’t change fast enough, everyone turns to the learning team for answers.

But what if they have questions of their own?

In the first of a series of reports from our newest research study, we found a number of surprising insights from the audience of 2,000+ learners and learning professionals/executive we reached.

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Key Insights

  • 60% of learners say they have to figure out important job skills on their own.
  • Workers that said their employers did a poor job of helping them transition during the pandemic were about 3x more likely to say they were dissatisfied with the learning their employers offer.
  • Learning executives said that technology gaps like virtual learner engagement and access to high quality content were pain points over the last year.
  • L&D teams are reskilling, too. New skills include: virtual facilitation, learning technology awareness/adoption, and learning experience design, among others.
  • DEI is a major priority for learning teams across all companies.

A few more insights from the report:

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