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Our team has been researching diversity and inclusion with a specific look at how training can help (or hurt) D&I efforts. Stay tuned for our findings in the next few weeks, but today let’s take a look at the latest We’re Only Human podcast. In case you’re not familiar, Ben Eubanks hosts the We’re Only Human podcast a few times a month and talks with business leaders, technology vendors, and other influencers to understand the intersection of people and technology in the workplace. Today’s conversation is a chat about new research on diversity technologies in the marketplace.

Talking about D&I is nothing new for HR leaders, but what are you actually doing to measure and improve your firm’s approach? For some time the need was there to help people see why diversity mattered, but now the conversation has shifted to how to improve results.

In today’s discussion, Ben talks with Stacia Garr of Red Thread Research and Carole Jackson of Mercer to explore the duo’s latest research on diversity and inclusion technology in hiring, development, analytics, and more.

If your firm is thinking about D&I from a practical standpoint, today’s discussion is for you.

Learn more about the report and the research by visiting: http://info.mercer.com/dandItech