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About the Company

Guild Education is a social impact company that empowers American workers to unlock life-changing opportunities for personal and professional advancement through education, skill-building, and coaching. As a certified B-Corp founded to bridge the gap between education and employment for working adults in the U.S. in need of upskilling for the future of work, Guild’s industry-leading technology platform allows the nation’s largest employers — including Walmart, Chipotle, Discover, Hilton, Macy’s, Target, and The Walt Disney Company — to offer strategic education and skilling to their employees. Guild connects workers to a learning marketplace of the nation’s best learning partners for working adults with tuition paid by the company. Guild’s payments and technology platform, curated learning marketplace, and advanced education and career services come together to help working adult learners advance in their education and career, debt-free.

Guild has seen significant market momentum and an increase in employers investing in education and skilling for their employees, given the unprecedented labor market trends. In the past year, Guild has launched partnerships with employers such as Kohl’s, Macy’s, Target, Hilton, and Herschend Enterprises, to further expand access to programs for their workforce that lead to a reduction in turnover, a more skilled workforce, and powerful gains in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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