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IBM Think 2019 Event Report

Writing in from the IBM Think event in San Francisco this week. So far it’s been a very interesting series of discussions, and the recurring theme is that while AI has clear value for the business, people and skills are still the most important component of success from a business perspective.

Here are a few key points worth noting so far from the event.

HR Connects People with the Business

Business leaders know the business. It’s what they do. However, it’s on HR and talent leaders to make sure the business also knows the people. How can executives make the most of available human talent if they don’t t know what skills and competencies exist within the walls of the business?

AI is More Than Automation

AI can automate processes. It’s a core part of the value. However, the most important value proposition for AI is in helping to augment the best that humans bring to the table. By helping to offer insights at the point of need, businesses can leverage the strategic value of AI to improve a wide variety of processes and outcomes. More on this in our piece: what is Moravec’s Paradox and why should you care?

 Skills and Career Pathing are Critical

Engaging people isn’t just about offering a good job–it’s about helping them become experts in their skill sets and also see a clear career trajectory. Our talent mobility model is widely respected because it helps employers to move up the ladder from passive/ad hoc approaches to more strategic, technology-enabled ones.

Additionally, as the Chairman and CEO of Citizens Bank had to say, chat bots and other tools can help HR leaders to engage workers and deliver a better employee experience.