Recently we published our larger report on SMB HR Technology, Staffing, and Outsourcing trends. One of the interesting components of the data we examined was what high-performing employers (those with better revenue, retention, and employee engagement) do differently than others.

The data almost always do two things: confirm a few things we expected to logically find and surprise us in areas we were not expecting. Our new SMB HR Technology, Staffing, and Outsourcing research was no different. While our data don’t go to the length of telling us that these things *cause* an employer to be a high performer, the correlation is undeniable.

In this study we looked through two key lenses to get both depth and breadth in the research:

  • Surveyed 1,000 employers with 1,000 or fewer employees, many of which have global operations
  • Interviewed 50 HR leaders one-on-one to understand priorities, decision-making processes, and other relevant factors

The results were intriguing overall, but delving into the high-performing cuts of the data showed us three clear trends.

Check out the report here to read through the three lenses where we found interesting approaches and correlations.