Employers are trying. They really are.

In the new report published this week based on responses from 1,000 employers and 1,000 workers, we saw organizations clearly attempting to support the mental health of their people with tools, resources, training, and other approaches.

But the workforce is saying it’s not enough.

Those changes aren’t being implemented, felt, and accepted at the same pace as employers say they are rolling them out. In the report we go into some of the key areas of focus, and the infographic below indicates some clear reasons to bring this discussion to the forefront.

For instance:

  • One out of every two workers say that they have thought about leaving their job because of mental health struggles
  • Three out of four employees say they would stay at a job longer if they had these types of benefits offered to them
  • Women were 2.5x more likely to say they haven’t seen positive changes from their employer when it comes to supporting mental wellbeing

We appreciate Lifespeak for supporting this research effort. Get the full report to see our findings, analysis, and recommendations for how to turn the tide on this major workforce challenge.

Download the full report