In case you missed it, artificial intelligence is everywhere and it’s rapidly coming for your job. Or maybe that’s just a bit of hyperbole to make you incredibly nervous about the future of work. In reality, while AI is being proclaimed as everything from the savior of the world to the devastator of jobs, it still hasn’t made a significant impact on most jobs just yet.

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Earlier this year I had the opportunity to join the team at IBM for an interview on the impact of artificial intelligence on HR. That interview is embedded below for your listening pleasure. One thing you’ll quickly notice from my perspective is that I try to keep the conversation light on theory and the technological underpinnings. Instead, I focus more heavily on the practical applications and use cases for HR and business leaders. For instance, what is the impact of artificial intelligence on talent acquisition? How does it affect succession planning and management? What about learning and development–how does it change the role of today’s learning practitioners?

I’d love to hear your thoughts after you check out the conversation–is this on point? Did I miss anything critical? As I plan to research AI’s impact on HR more deeply in 2018 I would be really curious to get some input from the readers/listeners out there.