“I think you can’t make the mistake of designing an optimal, or academically perfect HR operating model in a vacuum. It really must be aligned with your fundamental business strategy and the overall operating model.” Lauren Duprey, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

This is the first in a fascinating new series of episodes where we interview talent and HR leaders from a select set of IBM Talent and Transformation clients about their innovative practices and approaches.

We’re Only Human — Episode 96

What does it take to change the fundamental model for how HR operates in a business? In the case of Takeda, it took considerable time to settle on an approach that balanced global governance and accountability with localized, agile decision-making. The rollout of this HR transformation began in February of 2020.

Yes, right as COVID was beginning to hit.

Some would say that’s the worst time, but in hindsight it might have also turned out to be the best. In the turmoil that followed globally, Takeda’s HR team was set up to respond to business needs, adapt to change, and deliver service in a tailored and agile manner.

In today’s discussion, Ben talks with Lauren Duprey and Dominique Brewer about the firm’s shift in operating models, deep focus on equity and inclusion, and more. This session is a master class on how to design an HR model that enables the talent team to support the critical objectives of the business.

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