Data from Pew shows that Millennials make up one in three employees, and based on new data we have from our Great Reprioritization study, we see that this age group has some specific things they crave in an employer that are unique compared to other groups.

I have the pleasure of joining Chief Human Resources Officer Maribeth Bearfield on a February 1st webinar to dive into some of the data as it pertains specifically to the Millennials in your workforce. We’ll get into:

  • Key triggers that drive them away
  • Levers we can pull to keep them connected and engaged
  • And flexibility as a concept and strategy (note: it’s NOT about working from home)

We’re seeing in many of our discussions with HR and talent leaders that workplace flexibility is a demand from the workforce and the candidates in the market, but at the same time, we see more than 90% of business leaders making decisions on flexibility without ever once asking what it means to the workforce. That could be a big and expensive mistake.

I’d love to have you join us for the session, if this is something you’d find valuable. It will be informative, entertaining, and practical as well!

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