Are You Ready for Changing Workplace Communications?

In today’s world, communicating in the workplace is more challenging than ever. The sheer number of ways to connect and interact with others continues to expand, and that means critical communications from employers can get lost in the shuffle. On top of that, Kollective research shows that approximately half of U.S. workers are dissatisfied with the way their senior management communicates with them. Statistically, that means half of your employees are unhappy with how you share information–a clear demand for a better approach.

From that collection of challenges, a new breed of vendors has arisen to support the communication needs of the workforce. While communications have always been a need for large employers to coordinate information and share resources, this demand is also making its way downstream to smaller employers as well.

Instead of relying on a newsletter or bulletin board to reach their employees, companies are turning to purpose-built systems and applications that promise to cut through the noise and create greater engagement with messaging. Usage is common upstream as well, obviously, with companies supporting tens of thousands of workers looking for ways to improve their communications with smarter tools and technology.

This report is our first deep dive into these types of technologies and we’d love to hear from you about how you are using this as a resource to help explore options, make decisions, and improve communications within your own organization.

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