Short version: we’re releasing a new eBook and a companion webinar focusing on the employee experience and how to get executive attention and investment in building your own firm’s employee experience. Read on for details about the contents of both of these resources!

It’s hard to turn around today without hearing about the employee experience. Virtually every vendor is laying claim to this concept, yet for most HR practitioners the concept is fuzzy, and for executives, it’s even more abstract. In that case, good luck getting support and investment for yet another “squishy” HR program that doesn’t impact the business… Seriously though, what is this idea of the employee experience, and more importantly, does it connect to the business in a meaningful way? 

This question is the one my HR Federation partners, George LaRocque and Madeline Laurano, and I set out to answer. Our latest collaborative piece adds some much needed clarity around the concept. This eBook, available for free, looks at how to get the employee experience on the CEO’s agenda. Click here to download the eBook.

In the eBook, you can learn about how to connect key business metrics, such as innovation, revenue, productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee retention, back to this overall concept of employee experience. As any leader knows, having an executive-level discussion about the business will inevitably turn back to the data, and this guide arms you with specific examples to help build a business case for embracing and investing in the employee experience.

Additionally, George and I will be leading a webinar on March 29th at noon Central time to explore the concepts in the eBook and to dig a little deeper into the employee experience. It will be a fun conversation full of ideas to help you up your HR game. Be sure to register here for the session so you can get those insights.