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    HCM & Recruiting Trends

Diversity Leads to Innovation, Innovation Leads to Revenue

Imagine walking into your new job full of nervousness and anxiety only to observe that no one in the building resembles…

February, 4, 2019

Companies Lose 25% of New Hires a Year: How Onboarding Can Save Your Business

The process of onboarding is one of the most critical stages of the hiring process and costs an estimated $400 per…

January, 28, 2019

#SHRM #NextChat: The Future of #AI for #HR Twitter Chat

This week I am going to be doing a SHRM NextChat on Wednesday from 2-3p Central time. This is a Twitter…

January, 22, 2019

Hint: Your CEO Doesn’t Care About Employee Engagement

It seems that we can’t turn around today without having a conversation that touches on employee engagement. Yet despite all the…

January, 20, 2019

Artificial Intelligence for HR: The Book is Live! (#AI for #HR)

Over the winter holidays you might have missed the fanfare, but the new book, Artificial Intelligence for HR, is now available!…

January, 15, 2019
career pathing

New Report: Career Planning as a 2019 Talent Imperative

Today’s workers have more transparency and choice of jobs than any generation before, which means retention is a critical component for…

January, 8, 2019

AI Concepts: What is Moravec’s Paradox and Why Should You Care?

In the 1980s, Hans Moravec and other AI researchers discovered a curious finding that we now know as Moravec’s Paradox. Essentially, AI…

December, 17, 2018

Do We Really Need a Certification in Talent Acquisition?

Imagine graduating from school with a degree in marketing only to find out that a significant portion of what you know…

December, 7, 2018

How Learning is Changing: An Interview with Skillsoft’s Chief Content Officer

Ask almost any business leader, and they’ll tell you that they want their organization to have a culture of learning. However,…

December, 3, 2018
artificial intelligence learning development

#AI in #Learning: 8 Learning Content Recommendation Signals for Personalized Experiences

AI is penetrating into every aspect of HCM, including learning and development. In many briefings with technology providers I’m hearing the…

November, 26, 2018