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Where are all the people?

In the last two years, this is the question our team has received more than any other. In a labor market unlike any other in our working lifetime, employers have scrambled to find enough qualified workers for their jobs. Is this a temporary issue, or is a larger problem looming? In Talent Scarcity, workforce research expert and speaker Ben Eubanks dives into a variety of data sources to pull out the key indicators of what’s happening, where the workforce has gone, and whether or not we can bring them back.

Using a practical, data-driven research process, Ben and the team have conducted multiple studies on employee retention, hiring, frontline worker preferences, and more to understand the evolving dynamics of the talent market.

The short version: buckle up for a bumpy ride.

Based on data, interviews, and case studies of real companies, Talent Scarcity is a look at what’s now, what’s next, and what employers can do from a practical perspective to prepare.  Most importantly, the book doesn’t just commiserate with business leaders about the difficulty of finding and keeping great people. It also highlights a series of innovative practices for hiring and retaining staff in creative and unexpected ways, helping talent-focused employers to beat the competition.