Introducing HRTechBook: #HRTech, Organized with Insight

July 23, 2019

Introducing HRTechBook: #HRTech, Organized with Insight

hr technology insightsAs I mentioned in a previous post on what we do here at Lighthouse, we talk with 300+ vendors every year across the HR technology space. That’s a lot of discussions, briefings, demos, and notes.

And I get it. You’re busy doing your real job. But what if you could see some of our thoughts on who is doing interesting work, what their differentiators are, and more?

Well, now you can!

I am proud to announce that the HR Federation team (of which Lighthouse is a founding member) has launched HRTechBook, a site dedicated to categorizing the entire HR, talent, and learning technology market. We already have dozens and dozens of solution providers listed there and more are signing up daily.

Special note: if you use a technology in HR, recruiting or L&D, head over to HRTechBook to make sure the solution you are using is already listed. If not, you can submit the technologies you use for approval on the site. Additionally, vendors can submit OR claim their listings to make edits and changes as needed.

The Market Map: Your Guide to the HR Tech Landscape

We will be launching our first Market Map soon (talent acquisition focused and other topics thereafter). New reports will be coming out periodically over the coming year. You can see the key players, dig into their capabilities, and more. What’s great about HRTechBook is that there are no ratings to game and no playing favorites. As an coalition of independent analyst firms, the HR Federation is focused on creating the most comprehensive, unbiased research in the market.

We are also steadily adding to our list of analyst notes and insights for each vendor. It’s basically a short explanation of our impressions based on our interactions with a provider during a demo and briefing process. And those insights are totally free at this stage of the game.

If you have questions or want to know more, feel free to reach out to us here or on the HRTechBook website at any time. And stay tuned for new research and information to show up here in the coming months based on the data we are collecting and analyzing there.